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What is Waveform Correction?

Waveform Correction
Technology trusted by some of the worlds best known
organizations and U.S. Government Agencies.

You to can trust our patented equipment
and 20+ years of experience!

Meets new U.S. 2020 NEC requirements (National Electrical Code Section 230.67).

Waveform Corrections is a specialized, patented technology that both protects and improves overall power quality in your home. Patented Waveform Correction technology tracks the waveform and filter pollution generated by the conversion of continuous power and converts harmful pollution into heat within the unit.


Confused? Think of our Patented Waveform Correction like you would think of a soft water conditioner or water purifier for your home. The pipes outside of your home can be very dirty, resulting in sediment and other minerals possibly collecting in the water coming into your home. Though it is water, it's dirty water. To correct this, you would naturally get a soft water conditioner to remove the minerals and sediment, as well as a purifier to give you the cleanest water possible. This process removes the hard water stains in your home, prevents wear and tear on your plumbing, makes it easy to maintain your water related equipment, and renders better tasting water.


Our product does much the same for the energy entering your home. This energy has become polluted, much as the water was, as it makes its way to your residence. Patented Waveform Correction delivers only the cleanest, purest energy to your electronics. This helps them to last longer, work better, can save energy, and require less maintenance over time. Give your electronics only the clean power they run best on, while simultaneously providing complete home surge protection at the panel.

EnFin’s Patented Waveform Correction WITH Surge Protection Devices have been available for 22 years, offering complete protection to your residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Our exclusive line of products offer enhanced performance through patented Waveform Correction technology to your electrical equipment as a means to safely and effectively compensate for electrical changes.

Our patented technology is trusted by some of the world’s best-known organizations and U.S. Government Agencies, including: Walmart, Pepsi, Coke, BP, The US Army, Navy, and Air Force, Nestlé, McDonald's, Toyota, and many more worldwide.​

With the evolution of LEDs, computers, VFDs, and more, we have moved away from linear loads. In non-linear loads, the supply voltage is AC; yet our computers and other household daily electronics use low voltage DC, so they have to convert the AC (Alternating Current) power to DC (Direct Current) in order to use the power. After utilizing the power, the device must invert the power from DC, back to AC, to go back down the line to other homes in your immediate neighborhood. Due to these non-linear loads (switching back and forth from AC to DC, and back again), switching noise is generated, which is responsible for an upwards of 85% of power pollution in your home. This negatively affects your electronics daily. 

The sinusoidal waveform and fundamental voltage are distorted by this power pollution. In this instance, power pollution is nothing more than wasted energy. This energy waste is responsible for rising maintenance costs, longer downtime in electronics, and the decreased efficiency and speed of our equipment’s performance.

Our patented technology filters harmful and destructive energy, converting it into heat; thus, generating better performance and a longer lifespan and efficiency of all of your home's electrical equipment. Patented Waveform Corrections offers not only an environmentally conscious design, but also lower costs for your individual equipment and overall home/facility.

EnFin is a proud U.S. veteran owned seller of Patented Waveform Correction technology with over 22 years of experience and more than 150,000 satisfied customers.

EnFin’s patented Waveform Correction technology has revolutionized power quality for the past 22 years. Power quality devices had previously focused on protecting equipment from extreme events. Extreme events are created by lightning, utility switching, transformer failure, and large faults. These extreme events are more than 20% above or below the peaks of the sine wave. 


The proliferation of electronics, computers, and digital equipment is creating pollution on the waveform, which rarely exceeds the 20% “envelope.” The process of converting the voltage from AC to DC, and inverting DC to AC, are responsible for generating 85% of the power pollution. 

As seen in the illustration below, these signal manipulations leave the waveform full of pollution. This pollution generates loss, unreliable performance, the decreased lifespan of assets, malfunctions, increased maintenance costs, and downtime. 

EnFin’s patented Waveform Correction technology focuses on tracking the waveform in order to filter all pollution generated by continuous power conversion. EnFin then converts this pollution into heat within the unit rather than relying on the ground, other system conductors, and loads to provide the required attenuation. This then eliminates harmful and unusable energy from your system. Installing EFC equipment ensures the waveform delivered to your electronics is as sinusoidal, or clean, as possible. 


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