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About EnFin

Technology trusted by some of the world's best  organizations and the U.S. Government, including:



You can trust our patented equipment

and 20+ years of experience!

Through our Patented Waveform Corrections technology, we enable you to protect your equipment, improve equipment performance/efficiency, and potentially lower costs by harnessing multiple technologies with one goal in mind: to protect your building/residence, save you money, and improve energy efficiency. Whole property surge protection along with waveform correction both in just one device.


EnFin's unmatched industry experience allows us to deliver energy savings you can trust that will make a difference for your home or organization to complete your energy strategy. 

Energy and Financial Consulting helps customers make the transition to solar, EV charging, battery back-up, or a new roof with solar easy and rewarding. We are the “go to” source for green solutions.

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