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Waveform and Solar Systems

The generation of solar can have a positive impact on both energy prices and global warming. As  solar power increases, questions about the generation process need to be answered. Unlike other power, solar power is generated through direct current (DC); yet the electrical distribution system requires an alternating current (AC). This means solar power must be inverted from DC to AC before the power can be usable. Inverting DC to AC, however, creates what is known as: “switching noise”, as well as power pollution on the fundamental waveform. Other nonlinear loads can also generate the same switching noise in the home, such as: the HVAC system, refrigerators, motors, televisions, and EV charging stations.

Solar inverters generate and receive noise

As a nonlinear load, the solar inverters generate switching noise to the electrical distribution system. Concurrently, the inverters are being negatively impacted by the noise from other nonlinear loads in the facility, such as: HVAC, VFD’s, and LED lighting.

Switching noise shortens the

life of your electrical loads

Untreated noise freely spreads in the electrical system from load to load, including the inverters. This causes potential harm to the electrical loads, resulting in issues such as: erratic behavior, decreased longevity, lower efficiency, etc.

The damaging effects of noise may not be seen immediately. Rather, it’s a slow process altering the capacitive reactance of the unit. As the capacitive reactance decreases, the inverter is prone to attract more transients; thus, its premature damage. On average, a typical residential solar installation requires upwards of $3000 for an inverter repair and replacement. It is crucial to protect your investment with suitable noise filters.

EFC filters are specifically designed to remove the switching noise generated by the solar inverters in order to better protect your residential/commercial facility from noise and transients. EFC filters subsequently protect the solar inverters and increase their longevity. EFC filters have an additional high-frequency noise module that can attenuate noise in the 10kHz range - 10kHz noise is substantial enough to malfunction the sensitive electronic loads in your facility. All our filters are UL listed, CSA EMI filters, and Made in the USA.

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